Queer mindful Community

los angeles, ca

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create community and opportunities for connection that will enable and strengthen our ability to become our full queer selves which are (some combination of) emotional, creative, sensitive, sensual, playful, sexual, musical, pensive, and filled with wonder.

We envision a more queer, loving world accessed through the co-becoming of our queer selves, each act amplifying and unleashing each other’s healing and queerness.


The imagining and fostering of the uniqueness that allows for expansion, not limited by and in friction with the socially expected and dominant identities. By being a majority queer space, we are able to reflect and encourage each other, more fully understand, and explore our experiences from a queer center.
An honoring of the present moment and recognition of our emotional state, with acceptance. A commitment to regular practices that return awareness to the present moment.
Individuals coming together to create a more loving conscious, and empowered whole. An acknowledgment that community is built piece by piece (or action by action), as a shared endeavor in which the struggle holds growth and healing.


Ongoing Self-Work
The individual continues a personal commitment to their own mindfulness work and action of healing, to allow the time spent with the community to be time to heal in a deeper way when we are together. We do our own self-work both inside and outside of the community to help ourselves heal, stay aligned to the best within us, prevent harm to others and be in service of each other. Self-work must be ongoing because we as queer people are more susceptible to, and harmed by, the confines of society and systems, and because self-work allows for the deepening of collective emergence of our queer gifts.

A desire to give more than take in material and nonmaterial, with a desire to also continue to open to receive generously from others. An aim for fairness and an additional gesture of generosity. Utilizing generosity and compassion as entry points for the other.

To step in toward conversations and actions regarding race, class, gender, HIV status, sexuality, ability/disability, immigration status. A commitment to see and examine the systemic inequalities in the world, the broader queer community, and the spaces we create and to address oppression and inequity in the spaces we are in.

Honoring the poignancy of this fleeting life through our communications and actions. Striving to act as our true nature, authentically.

Living in relationship with our environment and the land. A dedication to the time and cost necessary to ensure Earth is a primary consideration in decisions regarding consumption, living, and land, through education and non-exploitative and sustainable practices.

We have the opportunity to explore and foster queer community, queer experiences, our queer selves, queer activism, queer togetherness, queer awakening. The building, failing, learning, and growing is itself a queer expression. We play within dichotomies of group time and individual time, sovereignty and support, conversation and quiet time.

In preparation for being our queer selves beyond the community:
Being in queerness and in community allows us to find and cultivate our queerness and gifts so that we may be present and alive to the world when not in community. We acknowledge the cultivation of our queerness as preparation for living with the inevitability of change and what is to come in our world. This preparation includes a queer approach with conflict, solidarity, and joy.


We'd love to speak with you if you are interested.

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